• Vision (Voluntary) - Enroll annually during Open Enrollment

    Summary of benefits and participating providers - www.e-nva.com  

    Current Participants - you will have to create an account by clicking "subscriber registration" in the upper right hand corner (if using Chrome)
    Non-Participants - Login: columbiaps  Password: vision1
    Vision Change Form - Must have had qualifying event within 31 days to add or remove outside of Open Enrollment
    Out of Network Vision Claim Form - Use this form if you have a claim to submit from a non-participating vision provider
    Effective 01/01/2017
    Group Number# 8846
    Member number is 0000 + policy holder's 5 digit CPS ID number. 
    Vision Rates Per Month:
    Employee                                                      $5.76
    Employee + Spouse/DP                            $11.53
    Employee + Child(ren)                              $18.44
    Employee + Spouse/DP + Child(ren)      $21.34  
    The District's vision plan is administered by National Vision Administrators, LLC (NVA).  

    How Your Vision Care Program Works: 

    Eligible members and dependents are entitled to receive:
    • vision examination - once every calendar year 
    • one (1) pair of lenses - once every calendar year 
    • frames - once every two calendar years 
    • contact lenses and contact lens evaluation/fitting - once every calendar year.
    For your convenience, at the start of the program, you will receive two identification cards with participating providers in your zip code area listed on the back. At the time of your appointment, simply present your NVA identification card to the provider or indicate that your benefit is administered by NVA. The provider will contact NVA to verify eligibility. A vision claim form is not required at an NVA participating provider. Be sure to inform the provider of your medical history and any prescription or over-the counter (OTC) medications you may be taking.
    To verify your benefit eligibility prior to calling or visiting your eye care provider, please visit the NVA website at www.e-nva.com or contact NVA’s Customer Service Department toll-free at 1.800.672.7723 (TDD line 1-888-820-2990) or NVA’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Any question any time.
    Higher level of benefit for in-network services! If you are not a registered subscriber, you can still search NVA providers online by selecting the “Find a Provider” link on the NVA home page. Enter group number 8846000001 or the group number on the identification card and enter in your search parameters. It’s that easy!

    Vision ID Card

    Member number is 0000 + policy holder's 5 digit CPS ID number.

      • Employee can register online with NVA, and print their own ID card.  



    Premium Deduction - All medical and dental insurance premiums will be deducted from your paycheck on a before-tax basis. Per IRS rules, you can only stop premiums during open enrollment, or if you have a qualifying event such as divorce, other coverage available, or emancipation. If you think you will want to stop insurance without having a qualifying event, you can opt-out of the before-tax deduction by contacting the Employee Benefits office and requesting the opt-out form. The opt-out form must be completed annually during open enrollment to continue the after-tax deduction.  3

    ALL PREMIUMS ARE PAID IN ADVANCE. Employees must request to stop coverage in writing via the online change form in the month(s) prior to the date of the qualifying event in order to stop the premium deduction.