• MAC Scholars Program…

    The Multicultural Achievement Committee (MAC) program is a holistic collaborative, educational support function of Columbia Public Schools.  The MAC program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and support to achieve success academically, emotionally and socially.  A goal of the program is to increase the success of historically underrepresented students in Advance Placement, honors and other rigorous courses.

    We support Columbia Public Schools’ three tenants of Achievement, Enrichment and Opportunity, and to ensure that all of our students receive an excellent education.

    The purpose of the Elementary MAC Program

    The Mini-MAC program is designed to develop academic and leadership skills. To develop an appreciation for community through community service, develop a college bound mindset and assist in transition to middle school.

    Elementary MAC Program Offerings…

    Parent Coaching Academy is designed to share best practices and provide parents with tools and ideas to best support their students’ learning in the area of reading, writing, mathematics. This academy will also empower parents as they actively engage with their child’s school.  In addition, district and community resources will be available and shared with participants in an effort to provide our parent participants with support.  Parents will have the opportunity to interact with seasoned educators and ask questions. The Parents’ Coaching Academy will be held in the months of August, October, January and March.

    Transition to Middle School Academy is designed to prepare rising middle school students for life and expectations as a sixth grader.  The academy will provide students with essential skills in organization, time management and note taking; using Cornell note taking strategies (AVID).

    MAC Scholars Club - Secondary students have enjoyed the benefits of a structured MAC Scholars program for many years. We are excited to introduce and implement a Mini-MAC Scholars Club in selected elementary schools for 4th and 5th graders.  The program will be designed to develop leadership skills, an appreciation for community through community service, a college bound mindset and assist in their transition to middle school.