7th Grade Wildcats


Hello!  Welcome to the 7th grade. Our grade level is full of hard working, polite, creative, respectful and generous students and teachers.  We look forward to working with everyone this school year.


Please find below a list of 7th grade core teachers and contact information.  If you need more specific information about a teacher or a course, please check Schoology course pages, check the faculty web pages, and/or email any time.  Your students will also have a variety of practical arts and fine arts teachers – please see the faculty web pages for more information about those teachers.

Go Wildcats!




Nicole Campbell

Susan Elliott

Melanie Bowles

Michele Winter (Algebra)


Language Arts


Kristen Briscoe

Sue Vandeloecht

Neva Jorgensen



Social Studies


Lametria Pegg

Marc Alexander

Jason Novak




Julie Alexander

Matt Wightman

Adam Pettis