• Wondering how the media center can support you? You've come to the right place. Check out the menu below for ideas on how to utilize the Smithton Media Center staff in your classroom!
    Let us take over your class and show students how to use these tools: 
    Using QR Codes - 10 minutes 
    Adding an email signature - 10 minutes
    Backing up to Google Photos - 10 minutes 
    Creating and Organizing Photo Albums - 10 minutes 

    Salads and Soups
    Writers’ Notebooks:
    What are writer’s notebooks?  How do they work?- 15 minutes
    Gathering Writing Ideas: Where do writers get ideas? - 15-20 minutes
    Writing Marathon: We’ll travel to places around SMS, indoors and out, and stop to write at each location - 30-45 minutes
    Found poetry: We’ll use magazines to and scrap words to create poems - 30 minutes
    Just right books: we’ll  figure out how to choose a book that is just right - 20-30 minutes
    Effective classroom talk: We’ll use fishbowl, philosophical chairs, and Socratic seminar structures to think about how to have discussions where listening and learning from others is emphasized -1-4 classes
    Book talks: You choose the topic and we’ll find/talk books - 5-15 minutes
    Text comprehension: Walk students through a variety of comprehension strategies to work through non-fiction text -10-45 minutes 
    Main Course:
    Notability: Setting up, backing up, using - 30 minutes
    iMovie: How to create and export a video - 30 minutes
    Garageband: Creating an original song to use in movies, presentations - 30 minutes 
    Keynote: Creating and sharing presentations - 30 minutes
    Pages: Creating and sharing documents - 30 minutes
    Numbers: Creating and utilizing spreadsheets - 30 minutes
    Explain Everything: Creating and sharing screencasts - 30-45 minutes
    Bloxels: Creating custom video games - 30-45 minutes 
    Google: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos, Forms - 30 minutes
    Popplet Lite: Mind Mapping - 20 minutes
    Venn: Creating Venn diagrams - 20 minutes
    Timeline: You guessed it. Making timelines - 20 minutes 
    OverDrive: Signing in and using - 15 minutes
    Open eBooks: Signing in and using - 15 minutes
    Flipster: Signing in and using - 15 minutes
    Internet Research Strategies: Internet research evaluation and Citation Machine - 20-30 minutes
    Introduction to databases: Let's explore the CPS Electronic Library - 15 minutes 
    Or let's get together during or after school 
    Drink Menu:
    PLT meetings with Stephanie and Matt (we love to know what's going on!)
    WICOR Strategies: Want to try out a WICOR strategy? We can talk through WICOR strategies from planning to execution, then jump in 
    Schoology: assignments, quizzes, discussion boards, gradebooks, etc
    Formative Assessment Tools: Classkick, Go Formative, Schoology, Google Forms
    Flipped Classroom: How to record and share your teaching