• Glimpses From Two Mile Prairie's Past 

    On September 16, 1960, two schools, Judy School and Murry School came together and formed the Two Mile Prairie PTA.

    At that first meeting, the name of Two Mile Prairie was accepted, it was decided the PTA meeting would alternate between the two schools, new American flags were approved for both buildings, and a Pie Supper Committee was formed. The president was Jack Glenn.

    During the 1963 - 1964 school year Jacobs School joined Judy and Murry Schools to form the New Organized Two Mile Prairie PTA. This was the start of Two Mile Prairie.

    PTA meetings in the 1950s and 1960s had many of the characteristics of today's PTA. Officers were elected each year and the names in the minutes are names we still see associated with TMP. At each meeting, the PTA discussed ways they could add to the school through a program or the purchase of a needed supply. There was usually a program with an educational subject that demonstrated the PTA's commitment to continuing education. Finally, there were usually committee reports that often focused on a way to raise funds to support the children of TMP. 

    In reviewing the minutes from Judy School and then TMP there are some dates that convey the rich history of the school.

    • On March 13, 1958, the program was "Children's Problems from 2 to 6, growing up in Modem America."
    • We are always looking for the most modern way to supply children with information and an important way in the late 50s and 60s was the bookmobile. There are many references to the bookmobile's visits to Judy School and later TMP, bringing books and films to the school.
    • In September 1958, the PTA discussed whether a telephone was needed and the discussion was tabled. At the October 1958 meeting, the telephone issue was further discussed and the vote was No.
    • A telephone was approved in October 1960.
    • During the1960- 1961 school year, the TMP PTA received the State Certificate of Recognition. 
    • The first PTA meeting in the new Two Mile Prairie School was held on January 22, 1965. At this meeting, the program was a demonstration of the new Mouth-to-Mouth Respiration Procedure. The treasure report was made and there was a balance of $44.93 (after the telephone bill was paid). During the business meeting, it was approved to have the harp tuned, to buy scrapbooks for the four graduates, whether there could be a hot lunch program at the new school, conduct a bake sale, and cancel the membership to the Boone County PT A Association.
    • Other items the PTA took care of in the 1960s included making sure the school ran smoothly which involved grocery pick-up from town, trash hauling and paying the phone bill. 
    • During the 1971 - 1972 school year there was an addition of classrooms to TMP.
    • TMP became a part of the Colun1bia Public School District during 1972 - 1973. This was made necessary because of changes in the laws dealing with school accreditation. The principal at that time was Sam Wiggins.
    • Mr. Clay Austin became principal of TMP starting with the 1973 -1974 school year, a position he held through the 1995 - 1996 school year.
    • In 1988 there was the addition of the primary classroom wing.
    • The Media Center was added during the 1991 - 1992 school year.