Beginning Teacher Assistance and Mentor Program

  • Beginning Teacher Assistance Program

    Teachers new to the profession must complete a Beginning Teacher Assistance Program for Missouri certification.  This is offered to new teachers free of charge in Columbia Public Schools, in collaboration with the University of Missouri, in a series of sessions throughout the school yearAll sessions are required for any teacher with an Initial Professional Certificate (IPC) who has not completed a BTA Program.  A schedule of sessions will be available at New Educator Orientation.
    Mentor Program
    A two-year mentoring program is required by DESE to meet certification requirements for any teacher with an Initial Professional Certificate (IPC).  This mentoring must be documented by our district before a teacher is eligible for a certificate upgrade.  Your principal or district coordinator will assign your mentor.  If you do not have a mentor assigned by New Educator Orientation, please check with your administrator.
    BTA and Mentor Documentation
    If you have an Initial Professional Certificate (IPC) and have completed a Beginning Teacher Assistance Program or Mentor Program in another district, copies must be submitted to Office of School Improvement.  Once documentation has been received, we will attach this to your file and check off this requirement.