• Taking a CPS Online Course for College Credit
    CPS Online offers a variety of opportunities for students to earn advanced standing and/or college credit for work done at the high school level. Additional information is available from counselors regarding these options:
    Advanced Placement
    AP courses are college level courses taught in high school. Students have the option at the end of the course to take an exam. Credit and/or advanced placement can generally be earned with scores of 3-5 (score range on the exams is 1-5). Students must check with the college or university in which they are interested for specific credit by examination policies. See course guide for available Advanced Placement Courses.
    Course Number   CPS Online Course Grades   College Credit Available Syllabus   More Information
    9165PAO AP Computer Science (Online) 11, 12 AP https://goo.gl/aoXDmj http://career-center.org/highschool/ap-computer-science-a-online-also/
    Dual Credit
    College credit may also be earned through Dual Credit.  This is possible when the subject matter covered and the competencies mastered are equivalent to those required in a particular college-level class as identified by the post-secondary institution. There is a fee for the award of dual credit. The transcripted college credit may be used at the institution awarding the credit and is also generally transferable to other accredited colleges and universities. Enrollment for online dual credit courses must be accomplished during the regular college registration period in the fall.
    Current dual opportunities for CPS Online students include:
    Course Number  CPS Online CourseGrades  College Credit AvailableSyllabus  More Information
    9125PAO Digital Media: Apps in the Cloud (Online) 10, 11, 12Missouri State University Dual Credit with "CSC101 Computers for Learning" http://goo.gl/wJGwD4 http://career-center.org/highschool/digital-media-apps-in-the-cloud/
    9138PAO Digital Filmmaking Essentials (Online) 11, 12 UMKC Dual Credit with "Communication Studies 250" http://goo.gl/8bbaLR http://career-center.org/highschool/digital-filmmaking-essentials-online-only/
     9621PAO Geospatial Technology (Online) 9, 10, 11, 12 University of Central Missouri and Moberly Area Community College https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FPgtcKE_IN-V1k3F0H2PzV3LqRLZCJ4NH5olliVBGhE/edit?usp=sharing http://career-center.org/highschool/geospatial-technology/