Dual Credit Online Courses = A Head Start on College! 

    College credit may be earned through Dual Credit online.  Dual credit courses are courses that you take as a part of your high school class schedule, but you ALSO get college credit when you successfully complete themYou get BOTH high school AND college credit! College courses do cost money, but tuition is often offered at a reduced rate to high school students. (Students with financial difficulties should see their counselor for information about scholarships for dual credit courses)

    Students sign up for dual credit online classes when they register online.  Student should MAKE A NOTE ON YOUR WRITTEN REQUEST FORM that you’d like to take an online course, and list that course.   Your counselor will do the rest.

    Students with financial need should contact their school counselor for information about scholarships for online dual-credit classes.

    Current online dual-credit opportunities for CPS Online students include:

    MACC Dual Credit Online Courses

    MACC=Moberly Area Community College: Sophomores require a 3.0 and parents and school approval.  Juniors and Seniors require a 3.0.  Juniors and Seniors with a 2.5-2.9 require parent and school approval.