• Find a HealthLink Provider:
    By seeing a HealthLink provider, members will receive the highest level of benefit, in terms of cost to the member.
    • Best practice is to confirm the doctor you are seeing is a HealthLink doctor. 
    • Members should locate a HealthLink provider prior to their appointment.
    • If going to an Urgent Care, call ahead and ask for the name of the doctor on duty and ask if they are a HealthLink provider or use the link to search for their name. 
    To find a provider in the HealthLink network, click here , use the link on the right or call        1-800-624-2356.  
    Notice to members looking to purchase a breast pump: 
    In order to receive a breast pump that is 100% paid for by the medical plan (per the Affordable Care Act), members must purchase the pump from an in-network durable medical equipment facility and the model of the pump must be deemed as "Basic". Pumps deemed as "Upgrade" models will require a portion of the cost to be paid by the member. 
    Update as of June 2, 2017: We have been notified by HealthLink there are 2 facilities in the HealthLink network that carry breast pumps and will bill insurance directly. 
    They are: 
    McKesson Patient Care Solutions           1-844-727-6667       www.mckesson.com/providers/home-care./mckesson-patient-care-solutions/
    Better Living Now                                      1-631-348-0032       www.betterlivingnow.com/ 
    Call these facilities and ask to speak to a product specialist. They will be able to assist in purchasing the pump. Members do not have to wait until the baby is born to request the pump. These facilities will submit the claim to HealthLink. 
    If members choose to purchase the pump locally, they will be required to pay for the pump at the time of purchase and the member would be responsible for submitting a claim to HealthLink for reimbursement. If purchased from an out of network facility (Target, Walmart, etc), the member will be reimbursed at the out of network rate.