ECSE/Title One Collaboration Classrooms

  • There is one ECSE/Title One Collaboration Classroom located at the CELN. This classroom is designed for both special education and regular education preschool students. All students in these classrooms must be eligible for Title One as determined by the DIAL preschool screening. The decision to place a student with special education needs in one of the collaboration classrooms is determined at an IEP meeting with the IEP team.
    The classrooms are made up of:
    • 8 regular education preschool students and 7 preschool students who are on IEPs,
    • a regular education teacher,
    • a special education  teacher and
    • an instructional aide.
    Specialists, including speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, deaf educators, a vision specialist and behavior specialists all collaborate with the collaboration classroom team to provide additional special education services to students in the classroom as needed.