Payments & Prices

  • Nutrition Services has a computerized cashiering debit system. Students may deposit money in an account to pay for lunches and breakfasts or may pay cash daily. If you would like to block or limit your child's spending on his/her meal account, please contact your school cafeteria or the Nutrition Services office at 214-3480.  All deposits made at school must have a lunch deposit form filled out. 

    For a list of meal prices and a la carte options available, please click here PRICE LIST.

    If you would like to donate to our Lunch for Learners fund to help those students who do not qualify for free or reduced meals and need extra assistance, please click Lunch for Learners donations

    My School Bucks

    Parents can view the activity on their child's account or add money using a credit or debit card by signing up for an account with My School Bucks.  To create an account or add money to your child's account, click here
    Please call the Nutrition Services Office at 573.214.3480 or stop by our office at 1818 W Worley. Options for the balance in your child's account if he/she is no longer enrolled in Columbia Public Schools are as follows:
       1.  Transfer. Transfer balance to another student or divide to multiple students.
       2.  Donate. Donate balance to the Lunch for Learners Fund.
       3.  Refund.  If refund is less than $10, cash will be given. Refunds over $10 will be issued
            a district check and mailed to the guardians mailing address upon request. 
    Free & Reduced Lunches
    Information about Free and Reduced Price Meals can be found below:


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