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    What if my child has a food allergy?
    Columbia Public Schools will offer food substitutions to students that have food allergy documentation from a medical professional. Provide the school nurse with allergy information on your child. Food allergy information is entered into our computer lunch program and carries over from one year to the next. 

    The necessary form can be found here
    Is breakfast available?
    Breakfast is available at all schools in the Columbia Public School District. Check your school's schedule for times.
    How do I pay for my child's lunch?
    The Nutrition Services department uses a computerized system that allows parents to prepay any amount into their child's account. Parents may set up accounts with SchoolCafe and may use a debit or credit card to prepay. As the student purchases food, money is deducted from the account. Elementary students will receive reminder notices when their accounts are running low. Click here for more information on this payment system. Students may still use cash to purchase lunch if they choose.
    How do I find out what is for lunch each day?
    Elementary students receive monthly menus from school. See the Menus link at left for elementary and secondary monthly menus, as well as pictures of elementary menus.
    What if I want my child to purchase only meals and no a la carte foods?
    Our computerized program allows parents to restrict or limit a la carte items. Just notify the Nutrition Services staff at the school your child attends.
    Ask the Dietitian
    Have a nutrition related question? Feel free to email us at lunch@cpsk12.org to get the answer!
    Other Nutrition Resources
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