• AVID Guest Speakers

     Guest speakers are a special part of the AVID program. Monthly in AVID class the students have the learning experience of having guests come into the school to teach them about colleges, scholarships, careers, and service.

    If you are interested in being a guest speaker for an AVID class, please contact via e-mail our AVID Site Coordinator, Angie Wagner at awagner@cpsk12.org or one of our AVID Elective Teachers, Caitlyn Kroboth or Rachel Mazzocco


  • Brandon Gibson - October 2019


    He spoke about why he chose to go to college in Arizona.  He also discussed joining the Air Force Reserves and the he still chooses to  stay in the reserves and work one weekend a month.  Mr. Gibson also spoke about law school, and the different types of lawyers.  He works for the Attorney General.

    THANK YOU Mr. Gibson! 


    Brandon Gibson AVID class