RBE Vision

  • The staff at RBE will:
    Be committed to growth for all ·
    • Promote lifelong learning 
    • Meet the needs of all learners 
    • Develop growth mindset
    • Provide clear expectations 

    Embrace teamwork

    • Inspire and support one another 
    • Encourage open communication and collaboration ·
    • Presume positive intentions

    Achieve through engagement

    • Foster creativity and critical thinking
    • Strive to accomplish goals
    • Learn without boundaries 
    • Enrich learning through real world opportunities

    Respect differences and diversity 

    • Learn from one another 
    • Cultivate safe, supportive environment 
    • Appreciate individual differences and ideas

    Share responsibility for school success 

    • Utilize data to guide decisions 
    • Celebrate student and school successes
    • Apply consistent use of positive behavior strategies
    • Implement CPS standards-based curriculum with fidelity