Dashboards for Principals

  • Demographics-Currently Active Students: Gives the demographic breakdown by race, disability status, and grade for students currently active in CPS.


    Principal folder in Tableau: Opens the principal folder inside of tableau where all principal dashboards are kept. There may be more dashboards in the principal folder than are listed below.


    Main Principal Dashboard: Gives principals access to most of the main dashboards listed below in one location. Includes Count Day Demographics, Building Summary, Discipline, Attendance, Assessments, RtI Triangles, D& F List, Data Wall, Student Data, Coalition Checklist, Budget, and Demographics & FTE. Navigate through different tabs to see the different areas.


    Building Summary: Gives an overall summary of the building's currently active students. Includes summaries of Attendance, Assessments, Behavior Incidents, and Suspensions by race.


    AttendanceProvides the percent of students who have at least 90% attendance by grade, race, and disability status for students active in the building. Also includes the MSIP 90/90 attendance calculation both historically and year-to-date.


    Assessments: Provides an overview of the STAR, MAP, EOC, and ACT results for each building by race and grade. The data includes the most recent respective score for any currently active student in the building. The purpose of this dashboard it to assist with finding students who need academic intervention.


    Discipline: Includes behavior incident and suspension data by race, disability status, and grade for currently active students. Most dashboards include any behavior incidents a student has had regardless of where the behavior occurred. The purpose is to determine which student need behavioral intervention. Dashboards marked with "by Building of Incident" in the title include only behavior that occurred in the respective building. These dashboards are helpful for setting building or team/grade level goals around behavior and for monitoring year over year progress.


    Student Data: Provides an overview of an individual student. This dashboard includes attendance, discipline, Mental Health Checklist results, grades, and 9th Grade Risk indicators.


    Deep DiveThis dashboard is helpful for District Support Team (DST) and secondary level Deep Dives. It provides a summary of STAR results, F's given out each semester, OSS, and Attendance. Each summary provides overall results by fall, winter, and spring windows and disaggregates by grade and race. 


    Data Wall: Includes a combined view of attendance, behavior incidents, and STAR results for individual students for every student in the building.


    D-F List: Provides a summary of the number of D's and F's given out by semester, department, and grade over several years. The corresponding list of students is also provided. All can be filtered by teacher.


    School Budget: Gives an overview of the school's budget, including how much has been spent and encumbered by each category.


    Demographics & FTE: Gives an overview of the demographic breakdown by race, lunch status, and ELL of all buildings. Also includes a summary of FTE by type of teacher.


    Coalition Checklist: Summarizes the results of Boone County Mental Health Coalition Checklist. Results for both teacher and student completed checklists are available. Results are restricted to students active in the building. These reports are slightly different from reports available from the Coalition because inactive students are removed and data from checklists completed in other schools is included when the student is active in a new building.


    MAP: Contains a summary of available MAP results for the last few years. Student level data is accessible.


    At-Risk Report: A list of students who are at-risk based on major academic and behavior indicators. Indicators include: attendance, discipline, STAR score, MAP proficiency level, passing core classes for secondary students.



    Projections: Projection of the number of students who will attend each school in the next school year compared to the current school year. Teacher and other FTE is also included.