• Equity Department

     Who We Are

    The Equity Department strives to make Columbia Public Schools the best place for everyone to learn, grow and have a positive impact.  Our diversity is a community strength, and we believe there is a social and moral responsibility to ensure that every child succeeds.  To collectively reach this vision, we must create a culture of equity, develop great teachers, leaders, and team members, and build trust within the communities we serve.

    On October 12, 2020, the Columbia Public Schools Board of Education adopted an Equity Statement to guide administration and staff as we work toward educational equity.  The Columbia Public School District is dedicated to looking through the lens of the Equity Statement when considering policy, budget, recruiting and retaining the very best employees, and in action and partnership with our families and community.

    Columbia Public Schools Board of Education Equity Statement

    "Columbia Public Schools, through action and in partnership with families and the community, will uphold the values, policies, and practices that promote cultural competence.  We will accept, embrace, and empower students and staff in their individual identities to establish and sustain human dignity, justice, equitable treatment, and inclusiveness in the classroom and workplace."

    What We Do

    • Bullying:  Missouri's bullying law requires schools to report and investigate incidents of alleged bullying following specific procedures.  Reports of bullying are, and have always been, taken seriously and investigated.  
    • Equity
      • Training: Our Equity Team has been trained to help Columbia Public Schools staff to create an inclusive community through leadership and education.  
      • Theory of Change
    • Restorative Practices:  Columbia Public Schools utilizes restorative practices to build community and repair relationships when issues arise.  Teachers and administrators who are certified in restorative practices facilitate professional development with CPS staff and restorative conferences for students and staff.