6th Grade Performing Arts

  • 8211FA 6th Grade Performing Arts

    This daily nine-week exploratory class introduces students to the basics of theatre arts topics, which will include pantomime, script reading, improvisation, movement and audience behavior.

7th Grade Theatre Arts

  • 8212FA Theatrical Arts (7th Grade Course)

    This daily, semester course will introduce students to a variety of speech and theatre topics. Students will sharpen personal communication skills by preparing, presenting, and evaluating performance-based activities. Improvisation skills, group communication and problem solving will also be explored through games and activities. Students will explore storytelling, prose, duet acting, and a variety of other events. Emphasis will be placed on in class performance and creative projects that will enhance student’s knowledge and appreciation of the theater and oral interpretation.

8th Grade Speech and Theatre

  • 8214FA Speech/Debate (8th Grade Course)

    This daily, semester course introduces students to many elements of public speaking. Students will research, organize, and present various types of speeches. They will also explore the basics of Public Forum Debate.

  • 8213FA Performing Arts: The Show Must Go On! (8th Grade Course)

    This daily, semester performance-based course will advance student knowledge in the art of acting and the skills of the theater for those eager to see their name in lights! Here is a chance to shine! This class will explore acting through various activities that may include: radio theatre, stage combat, play reading, reader’s theatre, voice production, study of theatre history, technical theater and group presentations. Students will be required to participate in an outside-of-school showcase, which may include some group rehearsal time outside of school hours.

    **This course can be repeated for a second semester to create a daily year long course.

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