• District Special Education Coordinators and Support Staff

    Dayna Pierce Special Services Compliance, Monitoring and Support
    Dr. Molly Stebbins Psychological Services & Evaluations
    Shae Collier 504 Coordinator
    Allison Archibeque Assistant 504
    Jaime Kerpash Severe/Profound
    Errin Hagen Severe/Profound - Secondary
    Dr. Raina Martin Behavior Support
    Claire Slama Behavior Support
    Heather Eakins Behavior Support (Autism)
    Kristina Friedrich Behavior Support (Autism)
    Katie Siegel Post-Secondary Transition
    Katie Fry Instructional Mentor
    Wendy Gruber Assistive Technology
    Edie Stark Assistive Technology - Communication Deficits (AAC, etc)
    Christi Obermeier Assistive Technology - Communication Deficits (AAC, etc)
    Claire Willard Speech Language Pathologists
    Sally Becker Motor Services
    Amy Wilson Early Childhood Special Education Site Administrator
    Amanda Pangborn Early Childhood Special Education Process Coordinator
    Lori Osborne Health Services
    Effective Practice Process Coordinators Building Assignments
    Sally Bloom Angie Rogers Kristina Rollins Emily Surapaneni Nicole Potter
    Benton Elementary Alpha Hart Elementary Beulah Ralph Elementary Battle Elementary CORE
    Mill Creek Elementary Blue Ridge Elementary Fairview Elementary Cedar Ridge Elementary High Road School
    Paxton Keeley Elementary New Haven Elementary Ridgeway Elementary Derby Ridge Elementary Midway Elementary
    Shepard Elementary Rock Bridge Elementary Russell Elementary Grant Elementary Parkade Elementary
    West Boulevard Elementary Jefferson Middle School Two Mile Prairie Elem. Locust Street Elementary Lange Middle School
    Gentry Middle School Oakland Middle School Smithton Middle School West Middle School  
    Great Circle  JJC      
    Special Services Administrative Assistants
    Trish Delcourt Special Transportation
    Jodi Durran Activating IEPs, Sending IEPs to parents
    Doreen Grubicy Office Manager, Homebound
    Debbie Purdum Records Requests
    Paul "Mitch" Ruth Accountant for Special Services