• Welcome to 7th Grade Mathematics! 

    In my 7th grade classroom, I try to include the appropriate use of technology and iPads.  The official use of the iPad in the classroom is something that encourages learning and achievement.  When it comes to the expectations will be given for the students and they will be practiced.  After practicing the expectations, they will continue to be reminded of the technology is for learning and not just enjoyment.  

    Class Expectations for Technology Use in the 7th Grade Classroom:

    • Ipads are to be used for Educational Use Only
    • Ipads are not to out or used while the classroom is set on Red
    • Ipads are only to be used while being directed by the teacher (Classroom set on Yellow)
    • When the classroom is set on free, then the iPads will be able to be used for your own learning need

    Typical Day in the Classroom 

    5 min -- Working on Warm Up

    5 min -- Going over Warm Up and Checking Homework

    15 min -- Mathematical Concept for the Day

    15 min -- Practice concept 

    10 min -- Homework Work Time