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Hickman High School Student Services

  • The goal of Student Support Services is to take a comprehensive approach in helping our students to become continuous learners capable of contributing to an ever-changing society. With our new office locations, all members of your child’s student support team are in the same area, improving communication and services related to your student’s success academically, socio-emotionally, and behaviorally.  The key component of student support services is the level of coordination and communication amongst team members to ensure that each of our students receive the level of support they need to achieve their academic and life goals.

    There are three Student Support Services teams.  They consist of a dean of students, one or two comprehensive school counselors, and a mental health specialist.  These teams meet at minimum once a week and as often as necessary to coordinate their work in supporting the students on their caseloads.  The teams are located on the east and west ends of the building.  Use the links below to access more information about your student’s support service team.



    Students with IEPs, 504s, AVID, or Special Services

    Students Last Name: A-K

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