Students last names L-Z

  •  Located in the East Office Suite (Old Counseling Office off of 7th St.)

    Dean of Students (L-Z)

    Katie Patton

    573-214-3000 Ext. 43427

    Counselor (Last Names: L-Rod)

    Paige Reed 

    573-214-3008 Ext. 43457

    Counselor (Last Names: Roe-Z)

    Robin Hogan 

    573-214-3008 Ext. 43461

    Mental Health Specialist

    Isaiah Cummings

    573-214-3008 Ext. 43460

    Secretary (Attendance L-Z)

    Coreen Dixon

    573-214-3000 Ext. 43304


    Kelly Sabulsky

    573-214-3008 Ext. 43452