Deans of Students


    Deans of students work with students, their families, teachers, counselors, and other support personal to assist students with behavior and peer conflicts, and any other issues that may interfere with the success of the student at Hickman High School.  Deans are responsible for holding students accountable for their attendance as well as any violations of Hickman’s student conduct policies and will assign appropriate consequences.

    Leslie Lewis (IEP or 504)

    573-214-3000  Ext. 43437

    A Message from Dean Lewis

    Atah Knighten (Last Names: A-K)

    573-214-3000  Ext. 43405

    A Message from Dean Knighten

    Katie Patton (Last Names: L-Z)

    573-214-3008  Ext. 43427

    A Message from Dean Patton