• Planning for After High School

    All Kewpies need a plan for what will happen after they cross the stage at graduation.  At Hickman High School, we are committed to supporting our students in the creation of a plan for LIFE READINESS.  But what does that really mean?

    For a Kewpie to be LIFE READY, we believe they need a variety of experiences in the classroom as well as out in the community.  Kewpies need to be RESILIENT, PERSISTENT, and have a GROWTH MINDSET.  Specifically, we partner with the other high school in Columbia Public Schools and look at certain benchmarks that indicate a graduate is ready for the rigors of life. 

    This can include:

    • College Readiness

      • 90% Attendance
      • Grade Point Average of at least 2.5
      • Scores on the ACT, a college entrance exam, that are, at a minimum:
        • English (18)
        • Reading (22)
        • Science (23)
        • Math (22)
      • Completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid by April 1 of Senior Year
      • Participation in Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, and/or World Language Courses


    • Career Readiness

      • 90% Attendance
      • Identified a Career Path through an academic plan
      • Participated in community service, internship hours, extracurricular activities, or certification programs related to the career path