• What can you do during 9th grade to be college and career ready?

    Consider the last few years of your time at school.  Likely you'll recall times when school counselors or teachers talked with you about different types of jobs or career paths.  Maybe there was a time when community members came to a class and talked about what they do for a living.  These conversations were meant to spark an idea of what you might be interested in (or confirm what you, for sure, DIDN'T want to do) later in life.

    Having conversations with the people you trust at home and at school about different jobs, interests, passions, and ideas is important because it will help you learn about yourself.  Through Advisory you will also have opportunities at Hickman to consider these things.

    Here's a nice guide that College Board (they are the people who do Advanced Placement tests as well as the SAT and PSAT) puts together to help adults in your life have conversations with you about college during high school.  Click on the title of the booklet to open the pdf.

    Help Your Child Make College a Reality

    Ayude a sus hijos a obtener una carrera universitaria