Opera Integration

  • Our fifth graders partnered with the Metropolitan Opera in New York to learn about the Philip Glass opera, Akhnaten. On November 23rd, we helped sell out the show at Forum 8 Theaters! In our study of opera, students learned about misconceptions, opera in popular culture, types of opera, and the elements of the art form. Then, we began to look at the story of Akhnaten. We read the libretto or script for the opera as a text to support our Reading standards. We analyzed the characters, plot, and theme. Students created their own graphic novels to retell the events of the story. 
    Students also wrote their own operas! Students worked together in small groups to write an opera that included a beginning and ending chorus, an aria, a duet or a trio, and recitative. Our operas met our Writing standards for writing narratives. Mrs. Tummons supported our song writing by helping us with rhythms and melodies. Please check out our original operas using the following linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfLJxUAQdCw&list=PLGIGgCpEEiiv24hMBpH_YDiZG-IlUVbg_