• puzzle pieces with financial aid terms

    On Monday, Nov. 16th we welcomed Kayla Klein, a financial aid expert from Mizzou, to give a brief presentation and answer questions.  Here is a link to that recording: https://youtu.be/6YPAz-pbEPA

  • College Comparison Templates

    When making decisions about colleges and universities it is important to compare apples to apples. 

    Best Fit for You

    Which colleges should you apply to?  Is one an obviously better choice?  What if I get into all of my top schools -- how do I pick? A lot of times your choice in college or university depends on a variety of things.  Your list of "must haves" will likely be different from someone else.  Our friends at Journey to College have a great tool to help you think through your options.  College Fit Template

    Financial Package Comparison

    One aspect of selecting a school may be the total package of scholarships, grants, and loans as compared to the cost of attendance.  Federal law requires colleges and universities to publish a Net Price Calculator on their web site.  Finding that and using a cost comparison tool like this one from Missouri's Department of Higher Ed -- Compare Costs -- should help narrow down which school might make the most financial sense.