• Research:  Restrictions

    The Columbia Public Schools Research Request Committee is committed to protecting CPS students and staff, their privacy, and that of their data.

    • Requesters have the right, consistent with scientific standards, to publish, present, or use results from the research or data analysis, but only if the publication, presentation or use does not permit personal identification of CPS students or their parents by individuals other than representatives of the requester.  CPS may require that schools or the District not be identified. 
    • In some instances, and at its sole discretion, CPS retains the right to approve proposed publications or presentations, as well as co-authorship with CPS staff.   Researchers must submit findings to their assigned CPS contact as well as oral and/or written dissemination of findings as agreed upon in the research proposal.  Those who do not abide by this requirement may be denied research opportunities in the future.
    • For multi-year projects, the requester must agree to provide annual interim reports to CPS for internal use.  If CPS does not receive any updates, the Research Request Committee may choose not to fulfill subsequent data requests or to terminate the project.
    • Surveys and questionnaires asked of teachers/staff may not be conducted January 15 - April 15 each academic year.  
    • No research will be approved that takes place during mandatory State assessments and other local formative assessments.  These dates can be found on our District posted Assessment Calendar.
    • CPS reserves the right to restrict survey and interview topics for any reason at any time.
    • No compensation may be offered for staff time during contract hours; however, compensation is acceptable for time spent outside of contract hours.