Audio Recording Handbook & Frequently Asked Questions Related to the Recording of Meetings

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    Can the educational decision maker (parent/guardian/18-year-old student) record all school-related meetings?

    • No, except in certain situations.  CPS Board Policy KKB prohibits the recording of meetings unless it's a Section 504 or IDEA related meeting.  

    How does the parent/guardian/18-year-old student request to audio record a 504, IEP, or Special Education Evaluation Meeting?

    • The parent/guardian/18-year-old student must notify a member of the Section 504 or IEP team that they plan to audio record at least 24 hours prior to the meeting to allow sufficient time to access the technology for the meeting.  If the meeting was scheduled with less than 24 hours notice due to parent/guardian/18-year-old student's waiver of the 10-day notice requirement, they may still request to record and the district will make every effort to meet this request if technology is available.

    If the parent/guardian/18-year-old student does not notify a CPS team member they plan to audio record within the 24 hour timeline, will the 504, IEP and/or Special Education Evaluation Meeting be rescheduled?

    • It depends.  The district will make every effort to obtain the technology for the district to record unless the guardian has already been given two written notices of the meeting and Section 504 or IDEA timelines require the meeting to be held.

    If the parent/guardian/18-year-old student decides before the meeting they do not want to record, will the district still record?

    • No, the district will only record the meeting if the parent/guardian/18-year-old student chooses to record.

    Can the parent/guardian/18-year-old student record other school-related meetings such as Parent-Teacher Conferences, Discipline Meetings, etc?

    • No, unless the purpose of the meeting is a 504, IEP and/or Special Education Meeting, CPS board policy KKB prohibits such recordings.

    Will this document be maintained as part of my child's educational record?

    • Yes, the recording made by the district is subject to the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and thus subject to confidentiality requirements.

    What training has staff received relative to audio recording procedures?