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    On Monday, January 11, after much discussion, public comment and thoughtful consideration, the Board of Education made the following decisions:

    Middle School
    Students will begin a 2-day Hybrid Model beginning Tuesday, January 19. In this model, the student population in half, to achieve physical distancing in our classrooms. Students in Group 1 will receive in-person instruction on Monday and Tuesday and Group 2 will learn from home.  Students in Group 2 will receive in-person instruction on Thursday and Friday and Group 1 will learn from home. Learning from home will include a zoom check-in component for each class period, with the remaining class time used to complete online curriculum with limited teacher interaction.  On Wednesdays, all students will have assigned work to complete, but will not have live teacher instruction. Your student will be assigned to Group 1 or Group 2. You will receive details on which group your student is in prior to January 19. We have built groups with families in mind. Students enrolled in CPS Virtual learning can continue in the program and are not impacted by this change.

    Special Programs
    Special education programs will follow the same schedule of attendance as their general education peers. For nearly all students currently served in specialized classrooms and district programs, the days of attendance and schedule will remain the same. If the schedule for your student will change, you will be contacted by your student's case manager.

    Please review the Frequently Asked Questions about our return

    The district will continue to monitor community COVID-19 cases and will announce any changes in how in-person learning will take place. The Board of Education will continue to discuss our return to in-person learning and will determine when it is safe to do so based on COVID-19 cases in the community. 

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    All students can call the Student Helpdesk at 214-3334 or visit our Technicians at our middle schools 12:30-2:30 p.m. and after hours at Aslin 5-7 p.m. Of note, after hours and middle school drive up technology support provided by CPS Technology Services will not be available during the upcoming days when school is not in session and when school is closed for the Thanksgiving and winter breaks.  


    CPS Virtual – This program is for students who enrolled in the secondary (grades 6-12) virtual option. The classes are taught online by CPS teachers using CPS resources and curriculum. These students are not impacted by changes made to in-person learning. Students in this option can choose to transition to in-person at the end of the semester. The program has a waiting list and requests to enroll will be addressed once student course schedules are complete on a case-by-case basis as space allows.  

    Secondary schools will use an A-F grading scale.


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    Online Learning Options Webinars for Families

    Learn more about online learning options webinars for families. The webinars were recorded and are available for those who could not participate during the live sessions.

    June 27 - Masks

    Click here to watch the webinar on masks.

    July 1 - Special Education

    Click here to watch the Special Education webinar.


    June 23 - Secondary Parents

    Click here to watch the secondary parent webinar.

    June 25 - Secondary Parents

    Click here to watch the secondary parent webinar.


    August 13 - Secondary Parents Hybrid Q&A

    Click here to watch the secondary parent webinar.

    View the slides here. 


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    The following sessions for language groups were held:

    Arabic Speakers

    Click here to watch the Arabic speakers webinar.

    Spanish Speakers

    Click here to watch the Spanish speakers webinar.


    Korean Speakers

    Click here to watch the Korean speakers webinar.

    Kinyarwanda Speakers

    Click here to watch the Kinyarwanda speakers webinar.


    Vietnamese Speakers

    Click here to watch the Vietnamese speakers webinar.

    Burmese Speakers

    Click here to watch the Burmese speakers webinar.


    Tigrinya Speakers

    Click here to watch the Tigrinya speakers webinar.

    Chinese Speakers

    Click here to watch the Chinese speakers webinar.