Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work Group

  • Guiding Principals

    The District believes in creating safe, caring, mutually respectful environments where all students are honored and valued for their diverse cultural, racial, socio-economic, gender, and sexual orientation backgrounds, unique strengths and diverse abilities. 

    Role of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work Group

    The District’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work Group will meet throughout the academic year and act as an advisory group to the Columbia Public Schools Board by providing support, guidance and information about issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion in our schools and programs. 

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work Group will focus on the following:  

    • Promotion of inclusion and equity for all within our schools by examining issues of institutional equity and advising district staff on responses to incidents of bias and harassment. 
    • Review and analysis of student performance, program participation and behavior data in order to form policy and/or procedural recommendations. 
    • Development and oversight of implementation of the District’s Equity Strategic Plan. 
    • Support in identifying, reviewing and implementing curricula, initiatives, resources and efforts that best support students. 
    • Support of Human Resources’ (HR) efforts and focus on hiring a more diverse workforce. 
    • Review and recommendation of new and/or revised language to board policies to guide and support focus on equity/diversity throughout the district.