• 2021-2022 Schedules

    Schedules can be difficult to read sometimes.  The Schedule Decoder Template and Worksheet found here can help.  Click the link below.

    Schedule Decoder


    Corrections to your schedule:

    If you have an error on your schedule first OR second semester (i.e. placed in the wrong level of a World Language or math, missing a graduation requirement or core class, scheduled into a class you’ve already completed, missing a music class you’ve auditioned into, etc.) please complete the Schedule Correction Request Form linked below.

    Please read all the following information prior to emailing your counselor with a Schedule Change Request.

    As a reminder, the Master Schedule is created based on student requests so counselors are only able to change classes as explained below. Students with errors on their schedule should contact their counselor ASAP via email to have the error corrected.

    Schedule errors include: 
    * Incorrect level of math or world language
    * Missing a core class (English, Social Studies, Math, Science)
    * Missing course / credit required for graduation (Seniors only)
    * Missing a performing arts class for which you auditioned and were accepted
    * Placed in a class you already completed (does not apply to choir, band, or PE courses that you can take multiple times)

    Counselor emails can be found here: Counselor Email Information