• 2020-2021 Schedules

    Schedules can be difficult to read sometimes.  The Schedule Decoder Template and Worksheet found here can help.  Click the link below.

    2020-2021 Schedule Decoder


    Corrections to your schedule:

    If you have an error on your schedule first OR second semester (i.e. placed in the wrong level of a World Language or math, missing a graduation requirement or core class, scheduled into a class you’ve already completed, missing a music class you’ve auditioned into, etc.) please complete the Schedule Correction Request Form linked below.

    Please read all the following information prior to completing the Schedule Correction Request Form

     Counselors will review the Schedule Correction Request Form and follow-up with the student via email. In situations where the counselor needs to communicate further with the student regarding the change, they may reach out by phone or Zoom.

     The only adjustments that can be considered are as follows:

    • Dropping a class for an study hall or to go part-time.
      • Part-time is anything less than three (3) credits per semester and is only applicable for Juniors and Seniors who do NOT need to be MSHSAA eligible.
    • Dropping a class due to a medical condition or safety concern.
      • For example, a student who must drop their 2nd block Strength Training class because they broke their arm and cannot participate.
      • If a student needs to remain MSHSAA eligible, they can add another class available during the block they dropped or during their support block.
    • Changes made as part of a student’s 504 or IEP accommodations.

     Counselors cannot accommodate schedule adjustments for:

    • Advisory, Seminar, or Study Hall in a specific block.
    • A change to a lunch shift.
      • lunches are tied to 2nd block classes and cannot be individually changed.
    • A request to have a specific teacher.
    • A request to have a class a certain block or a certain semester.
    • The Master Schedule was built based on the Spring 2020 requests – we cannot accommodate students wanting to add an additional level of math, science, or world language this year.
    • A request to have classes with friends or a learning cohort.
    • Level changes (i.e. AP to honors, honors to regular) will not be considered until the student has been in the course long enough for the teacher to make a determination regarding the appropriateness of a change, usually not until after the first IPR or the first major test/assignment.
      • Level changes can only be made if there are seats open in a lower level section that fits in the student’s schedule.


    Hickman Schedule Correction Request Form