• Students’ Academic Expectations:

    Students will Log in to Schoology (and Zoom) each day and complete the assignments for the day.  It is essential that students study and review the vocabulary/grammar every day to master the content.  Unlike other electives, Spanish Class is a class where students will need to study every day.  This is because Spanish is a high school-level class and students will receive one high school credit if they successfully complete each level (Spanish 1A + 1B= Spanish 1).  It takes a lot of repetition to memorize new vocabulary words.  Because of this, I recommend that students study 15-20 minutes every day.  

    Grading Policy: 


      • 10% Formative Assessments (Homework, Classwork, etc)
      • 90% Summative Assessments (Projects, Quizzes, Tests, final etc.) 


      • Will be given daily in Schoology.  Expect to do work every day - 5 days a week.  
      • Complete assignments in order.  Language builds from day to day; therefore, it is really important you do Lesson 1 before working on Lesson 2, etc.  
      • Pacing of Units/Assignments- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZJbtW8KKvkMI-qqGJwiXNkzQnfQUgkxpKr5t4B9mPyE/edit?usp=sharing

    Late work policy:

    Accepted until the day before the Unit test/assessment.

    Retake Policy: 

    Retakes are available. To do so, students are required to meet during office hours for tutoring and/or completing practice assignments before being eligible to retake an assessment

    Classroom Expectations:


    • Be on time
    • Be respectful to ALL
    • Work hard
    • Complete all assignments
    • Ask Questions

    What do I need to be successful in a Spanish classroom?

    I am organized. 

    • I have an assignment calendar and update it frequently.
    • I check my email and Schoology every day.
    • I keep a clean, tidy notebook only for Spanish. 
    • I have a folder online for handouts. 

    I am prepared.

    • I arrive to class on time. (Zoom or in person). 
    • My work is complete before class. 
    • I have everything I need to go before class starts.
    • I plan for my absences when possible. 

    I engage. 

    • I am focused.
    • I ask questions when I have them.
    • I attend office hours when I need to.
    • I eliminate the distractions around me (texting, talking, multitasking, etc).
    • I do my part in partner and group activities.

    I am kind. 

    • I forgive my own mistakes and those of my classmates.  I give myself, and them, some grace.
    • I help when I identify a need.
    • I model and build positive relationships with my classmates and teacher.

    I use Spanish.

    • I speak-write-listen in Spanish during instruction.
    • I seek opportunities to live in Spanish outside the classroom.
      • (I read, listen to music, text my friends, watch movies, etc. in Spanish.) 

    I practice and don’t give up.

    • I review my notes and vocabulary every day.
    • I make a plan to overcome challenges.  

    I am honest.

    • I do my own work.
    • I advocate for my needs and communicate about them clearly with my teacher.
  • How to Contact Me: 

    It is going to be VITAL that you know how to contact me this year. Please use the following means to contact me anytime.  Please be patient until I get back to you.  24 hours is standard, although I usually get back to you much earlier than that.  

    • Email:  lelkin@cpsk12.org