World Language
  • ¡Bienvenidos! Bienvenue! Welcome and Hello!!  I am excited to share with you the experience of language learning.  Studying a new language is an adventure.  Like all good adventures, it will have unique challenges and rewards. Your willingness to participate, to be attentive, and to make mistakes will make your adventure more successful and enjoyable.  We will work hard during the next 9 weeks and have a lot of fun along the way. 

     About me

    ¡Hola!  My name is señora Lucy Elkin and I will be teaching World Languages, Spanish 1A, Spanish 1B and Life Readiness this year.  This will be my 9th year teaching Spanish at Gentry!

    I am originally from California and moved to Missouri 29 years ago.  I received my bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language Education with an emphasis in Spanish from the University of Missouri and a Master of Arts in Education from Lindenwood University.  I have taught all levels of Spanish for the past 19 years, I have participated in various Multicultural school programs and I have had the honor of traveling with students to various Spanish-speaking countries, such as Costa Rica, Spain as well as Portugal, France and China.

    I am married to Skip Elkin and we have two beautiful daughters Kathryn and Alex.  We also have four amazing grandchildren that we adore!  In my spare time I enjoy watching Spanish movies and series as well as home decorating and travel shows.  I also enjoy canoeing, traveling and spending time at the lake with my family.

    The course: 

    This course is designed to be an introduction to two languages: French and Spanish and their culture.  We will have approximately 21 days in French and 21 days in Spanish learning basic salutations, introductions, numbers, weather and family vocabulary. If time allows, we will do mini explorations of Japanese, Mandarin, Latin, and German.

    Students’ Academic Expectations:

    Students will Log in to Schoology (and Zoom) each day and complete the assignments for the day.  Students are expected to participate in all activities and assignments.   

    Grading Policy: 


    • Assignments (Homework, Classwork, Projects, etc)
    • Participation/Interaction with the language (Participating with class discussions, oral practice, pair or group work)


    • Will be given daily in Schoology.  Expect to do work every day - 5 days a week.  
    • Complete assignments in order.  Language builds from day to day; therefore, it is really important you do Lesson 1 before working on Lesson 2, etc.  

    Late work policy:

    Accepted until the day before the Language ends.  (Example: French work will be accepted until the next to last day of French but not into the Spanish class.  Extra mini units will be accepted until the next to last day of the course.) 


    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be on time
    • Be respectful to ALL
    • Be kind and encouraging
    • Work hard
    • Complete all assignments
    • Ask questions

    What do I need to be successful in a World Language classroom?   

    I am organized.  

    • I have an assignment calendar and update it frequently.
    • I check my email and Schoology every day.
    • I keep a clean, tidy notebook for World Languages. 
    • I have a virtual folder (Notability) for handouts. 

    I am prepared.

    •  I arrive to class on time. (Zoom or in person). 
    •  My work is complete before class. 
    • I have everything I need before class starts.
    • I plan for my absences when possible. 

    I engage. 

    • I am focused.
    • I ask questions when I have them.
    • I attend office hours when I need to.
    • I eliminate the distractions around me (texting, talking, multitasking, etc).
    • I participate in partner and group activities.

    I am kind. 

    • I forgive my own mistakes and those of my classmates.  
    • I give myself, and them, some grace.
    • I help when I identify a need.
    • I model and build positive relationships with my classmates and teacher.

    I practice and don’t give up.

    •  I review my notes and vocabulary every day.
    •  I make a plan to overcome challenges.  

    I am honest.

    •   I do my own work.
    •   I advocate for my needs and communicate about them clearly with my teacher. 


  • How to Contact Me: 

    It is going to be VITAL that you know how to contact me this year. Please use the following means to contact me anytime.  Please be patient until I get back to you.  24 hours is standard, although I usually get back to you much earlier than that.  

    • Email: