• Exploratory Electives Wheel

    This is a rotation of classes: Art, Computers, Theatrical Arts, Family and Consumer Sciences, Choir, Technology, World Languages, and Life Readiness. The Exploratory Electives Wheel offers our 6th graders the unique chance to experience a wide variety of subjects in a short amount of time. Through these experiences, it will be easier for 6th graders to select the elective classes they would like to take over the next two years, and even in high school. Below is a brief description of each exploratory class to give you and your student an idea of what to expect when they enter the first day of each class. 

    6th Grade World Languages Exploration

    In this daily nine-week course, students will learn about the world through French and Spanish. Students will learn short conversations and basic vocabulary in each language. Students will gain a global perspective through various activities about the cultures of these countries through food, stories, and songs. In addition, students will learn where each of these languages are spoken, and also about their peers and their daily lives in these countries. Every student, including those in Band and Orchestra, take this course.

    6th Grade Life Readiness

    In this daily nine-week course, students will learn about careers and post-secondary options. Students will use eLearning Dynamics to explore the six career paths and to engage in self-exploration to determine interests, work values, and skills. Students will learn about post-secondary options and begin to understand their availability. Every student, including those in Band and Orchestra, take this course.

    6th Grade Theatrical Arts

    In this daily nine-week course, students will be introduced to the basics of theatre arts topics, which will include pantomime, script reading, improvisation, movement, and audience behavior. 

    6th Grade Art

    In this daily nine-week course, students will be challenged to discover their abilities and place in the community. This course allows students to develop creative and critical thinking skills, and solve problems and communicate effectively within and beyond the classroom. Students will utilize a variety of art media to create two- and three-dimensional art works while building an appreciation for, and drawing inspiration from, many ancient cultures. 

    6th Grade Choir

    In this daily nine-week course, students are enabled to explore a variety of ways to enjoy and become knowledgeable about music. Students will continue music literacy skills (rhythmic and melodic), learn music history and styles through a variety of listening examples, and experience music through technology, singing, playing instruments, and composing original works. 

    6th Grade Exploring Technology

    In this daily nine-week course, students will learn about the subject of technology through various hands-on activities. The activities are engineering in nature, meaning that students will be using math, science, and technology to design, build, analyze, and test solutions to specific design problems. This is truly a "learn by doing" class! Activities will focus on the construction of structures, computer graphics, rocketry and space related topics, electricity and electronics, and many other forms of research and design. Students will also be introduced to using 3-D computer aided design. 

    6th Grade Exploring Computers

    In this daily nine-week course, students will learn various aspects of using computers in today's business world. Being computer literate is necessary today. The most fundamental component of using a computer is being able to keyboard efficiently. Students will spend the first several weeks of this class learning or improving keyboarding skills. You will be amazed at how quickly your student's speed and accuracy will improve as they master these skills! In addition to keyboarding techniques, internet safety and research, MS Office Suite for documents, publications, presentations, and Photo Story will be practiced throughout the course. Come get tech savvy with us!

    6th Grade Exploring Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)

    In this daily nine-week course, students will be introduced to the subject of FACS. Units of study may include: teamwork and leadership; cooking and nutrition; sewing; child care; and money management and decision making. The course activities will emphasize safety and teamwork in an interactive environment.