PBiS is a broad range of systematic and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behavior.  At Gentry, we are striving to support our students with this proactive approach to expectations. Gentry has in place a system of the top four expectations we feel students must possess in order to reach both social and academic goals. These four expectations are, Respectful, Responsible, Kind and Safe.  Within each of these goals are standards for student behavior in all areas of our building.

    The four expectations at Gentry are known as the “RRKS”. The RRKS are embedded in student activities, as well as in procedures used to address various areas of student behavior. Because this is fundamental in supporting school and district goals, we strive to maintain these standards to make Gentry a great place to learn.

    Gentry is focused on helping all students work towards academic success. When students struggle with classes, peers, and many other facets of life that influence their day at school, Gentry strives to create plans to help support these needs. Focusing on academic success, Gentry follows a systematic process to evaluate student needs. Gentry Jaguars leap to great lengths by being respectful, responsible, kind and safe.

    Gentry R.R.K.S.

    1. Respectful – Students are asked to be respectful to each individual to assure a shared appreciation of one another.
    2. Responsible – Students are asked to be responsible citizens in order to work towards this lifelong skill.
    3. Kind – Students are asked to be kind and cooperative in all areas of our building in order to create a positive atmosphere.
    4. Safe – Students have the need to feel safe in our building in order to focus on academic goals.



    Teachers and students will incorporate the Restorative Practices method to help mend and foster relationships at Gentry.  Restorative Practice allows teachers and students to have a chance to process through situations impeding the learning of the classroom. The goal of Restorative Practice is to mend relationships to help promote a comfortable and safe learning environment at all times.