• Restorative Practices Team

    The Columbia Public Schools Restorative Practices Team is comprised of full-time or part-time CPS employees who at minimum anticipated that they could commit to be an active restorative practices facilitator and to uphold the following commitment:

    • Participate in two full days of training on the concepts and strategies of restorative practices and how to facilitate restorative conferences.
    • Participate in three full days of training with the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) trainers in order to be certified to teach CPS staff how to implement restorative practices.
    • Commit to a minimum of two years as restorative practice facilitators and to be part of a team to facilitate employee conflict, student conflict, and conflict among students and employees that build on four restorative justice principles: inclusive decision-making, active accountability, repairing harm and rebuilding trust.
    • Provide CPS professional development to CPS staff in restorative practices.