AVID Secondary

  • AVID Elective 

    Our nation’s schools are full of students who possess a desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard, but many of them do not truly have the opportunity to be college-ready. These are often the students who will be the first in their families to attend college and are from groups traditionally underrepresented in higher education. AVID Secondary equips teachers and schools with what they need to help these students succeed on a path to college and career success.

    To address this need, AVID has developed the AVID Elective course. For one period a day, students receive the additional academic, social, and emotional support that will help them succeed in their school’s most rigorous courses. 

    What does an AVID classroom look like?

    No one can predict the future, but all students can be prepared to thrive in the world that awaits them.  With the appropriate postsecondary preparation and a focus on soft skills that businesses need, AVID students are ready to shape their path and change our world.


    AVID students reflect and question while mastering content rather than just repeating and memorizing. Our students work together to problem solve and to change the level of discourse in the classroom as they prepare for success. Students are taught to articulate what they don’t understand and learn how to seek out the resources they need. By teaching critical thinking, inquiry, and self-advocacy, AVID educators empower students to own their learning.


    AVID’s professional learning and curriculum promote student-centric problem solving, rather than teachers delivering answers with lectures. This student-centered approach ensures that the people doing the most talking learn the most. This engages students and creates content mastery through inquiry and collaboration.


    All students need to learn how to learn. Note-taking, studying, and organizing assignments are all skills that must be taught and practiced to perfect, but are not explicitly taught in schools. With guided, scaffolded support from AVID, educators can teach students how to master these and other academic behaviors that will help them succeed in school and life.


    Students would rather talk, move around, and ask questions than sit still and be quiet. Humans are wired to construct knowledge through action. AVID classrooms promote motion, communication, and teambuilding through activities such as Socratic Seminars, Collaborative Study Groups, peer tutoring, and Philosophical Chairs. These activities honor the way students learn best.


  • AVID Schoolwide

    AVID is not just a class; it is also a philosophy, a way of doing the business of school.  A strong AVID system transforms the Instruction, Systems, Leadership, and Culture of a school, enduring college readiness for all aVID Elective students and improved academic performance for all students based on increased opportunities.

    AVID Schoolwide instruction occurs when the entire instructional staff utilizes AVID strategies, other best instructional practices, and 21st century tools to ensure college readiness for AVID Elective students and increased academic performance for all students.

    AVID is Schoolwide when systems are in place that support governance, curriculum and instruction, data collection and analysis, professional learning, and student and parent outreach to ensure college readiness for AVID Elective students and improved academic performance for all students.

    AVID Schoolwide leadership sets the vision and tone that promotes college readiness and high expectations for all students in the school.

    AVID Schoolwide culture is evident when the AVID philosophy progressively shifts beliefs and behaviors resulting in an increase of students meeting college readiness requirements.


Last Modified on July 8, 2021