Board of Education Meetings


    Regular meetings of the Columbia Board of Education are convened at 6:30pm on the second Monday of each month. Special meetings may be held at times approved by the Board, or on the call of the President or a majority of the members. All meetings of the Board are regularly held in the Board Room of the Aslin Administration Building, 1818 West Worley Street.

    During the portion of the Board meeting agenda designated for “Public Comment,” members of the public may address school-related matters which are not specifically related to agenda items. Comments will be limited to three minutes per person.

    Members of the public who want to request that an item be considered for placement on the agenda should contact the Superintendent or a member of the Board of Education at least one week in advance of the meeting.

    The public has the right to comment on all items on the Board’s agenda which are to be voted upon by the Board. Such comments shall take place after the Board’s discussion and prior to the Board’s vote. 

    For more information about Board of Education meetings, click on the links on the left:

    • Meeting Information (January 2017 or later) will take you to our Simbli website meeting listing, where meeting agendas, background materials, and minutes are provided for each meeting of the Board. For agendas and background materials, click on the meeting date's Meeting Title. For minutes, click on the meeting date's Minutes icon.
    • Previous Meeting Information (December 2016 or before) will take you to the Google Drive, where portfolios of agendas and background materials are provided for meetings held in December 2016 or earlier.
    • Previous Meeting Information - Minutes will take you to a list of minutes of Board meetings held in December 2016 or earlier. 
    • Schedule is a list of upcoming Board of Education meeting dates and times.
    • Videos will take you to CPS-TV, where videos of Board of Education meetings may be viewed.
    • Board Member Radio Appearances is a schedule of Board member appearances on KFRU.