High School EEE projects and achievements

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    Battle Volunteer Corps (coming soon)

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  • High School EEE courses 

    0140EL    Advisory + Grade Level:  9 Credit:  0   School:   BHS, HHS

    Advisory +  provides students in Columbia Public Schools Gifted Education program the opportunity to participate in an alternative advisory experience with the added benefit of introducing students to the wide array of gifted education experiences available in high school. An alternating block for ninth grade students, advisory is a mandatory attendance class that will serve two purposes: to help students transition to high school smoothly and to provide dedicated study time.

    1350EL Gifted Resource Grade Level:  10, 11, 12 Credit:  0  School:   BHS, HHS

    Gifted Resource provides students in Columbia Public Schools' gifted education program the opportunity to be guided by the gifted facilitator that may include test preparation help, college planning, and other instructional support.  These experiences provide opportunities to be guided by the gifted facilitator and are student-directed.

    1370EL Gifted Internship Grade Level: 11, 12 Credit:  ½ or 1 Type:  Elective  School:   BHS, HHS, RBHS

    Prerequisite: Advanced Seminars and Investigations (0.5 credit minimum)

    The gifted facilitator works with students to secure an internship opportunity with a CPS Partner in Education or another community contributor in an academic, service, or professional field. Securing an internship can be an elaborate process, so students must declare their intention early in the year, and they must provide their own transportation to and from the internship.  During the Internship, students must maintain a daily log of their hours and an annotated description of their day-to-day experiences. The course culminates in a Celebration Showcase where students present the outcomes of their experience to students, faculty, and the community.

    1360EL   Advanced Seminars and Investigations

    Grade Level:  9, 10, 11, 12 Credit:  ½ or 1     Type:  Elective   School:   BHS, HHS, RBHS

    Advanced Seminars and Investigations provides gifted students in Columbia Public Schools’ gifted education program the opportunity to learn through direct instruction, Socratic seminars, project-based learning, creative problem solving, and independent studies. These experiences will provide opportunities to be guided by the gifted facilitator and be student-directed. Advanced Seminars and Investigations serves as a prerequisite for the Gifted Internship course.