• Kewpies hold a special place in the story of David H. Hickman High School. 

    A unique mascot, the Kewpie Doll became the symbol of our school in 1914.  The members of the state champion basketball team (pictured above) played an entire game around the popular collectible and the extremely fragile Kewpie did not break.  Not only did the figurine not break, but the team earned a victory in the game.  So, the Kewpie owned by a school secretary was considered good luck and became our mascot.

    The spirit of the Kewpie is one of joy, caring, and keeping positive in the face of challenges.  Over the years opponents have noticed our tendency to keep smiling! 

    We like to think that our unique mascot is a deep symbol for our school and community.  Each of our students is valued for the unique contributions to our culture.  Students are encouraged to find ways to connect and if none exist the students and faculty will support the making of a new space.  This is why we have a diverse roster of student activities and clubs available. Passion projects of students and faculty have led to programs like We Are Hickman, the eSports Team, and Listening Circles.