Student Support Services

  • Student SupportIn 2017 the Student Support office was established as a way to support teachers and provide emotional and behavioral support to students and families in the district.  Working from an equity, social justice and restorative practices background, the office works to ensure that our students and families are connected to the necessary resources (both district and community) that they may need for student success.

    In year one, the office was tasked with working in conjunction with Special Education, elementary and secondary principals and assistant principals to create a district-wide Behavior Education Plan (BEP).  The BEP would help drive our work with students around discipline and create a consistent framework for how consequences would be delivered from building to building.  This work continues today with buildings district wide using a district wide behavior matrix to drive disciplinary decisions. 

    In 2018, the Student Support Department became a team, adding four behavioral specialist/outreach counselor positions that were assigned to a cohort of elementary buildings to provide a variety of wrap around services to our teachers, students and families.  The department has worked to create, within both elementary and secondary buildings, Problem Solving Teams (PST).  These PST teams work in collaboration with the Boone County Schools Mental Health Coalition, teachers, Home School Communicators, school counselors building administration, students and families to explore and implement interventions to replace and correct student behavior in an attempt to decrease time away from direct instruction.

    In 2019, with COVID and virtual learning, our focus shifted from assisting students be successful in the classroom to working with students who struggled with success in the virtual setting.  Working with families, learning pods and teachers to navigate this new and different way of public education.

    Vincent Thompson
    Director of Student Support Services