• Digital Citizenship Information

    Digital citizenship is an important skill for students to learn and practice. In today's digital environment, students should start early to learn ways to stay safe online. Lange is taking two approaches to teach students to be good digital citizens.


    Everfi Ignition Digital Citizenship Course

    After receiving their iPads, students started a Digital Citizenship course with their RTI classes. This course consists of eight modules completed online in combination with class discussions facilitated by the teacher. Module topics include wireless communication, the viral world, internet resources and credibility, and digital relationships and respect. Pre and post tests are given throughout the course. For more information, check out the Everfi website.


    Daily Embedded Instruction

    The key to teaching digital citizenship is practicing it under the guidance of teachers and parents. Students will have received a foundation through the Everfi course. Lange teachers will continue that teaching during the year while using the devices to support instruction. Whether it's conducting research through trusted databases or contributing to a Schoology discussion board, students will be taught norms and online safety throughout the year. 


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