• The following dates have been set for COVID vaccines for students ≥ 16 years of age:

    Battle High School              5/4/21   9am-12pm                        2nd dose date- 5/25/21    9am-12pm

    Rock Bridge High School     5/5/21   9am-12pm                        2nd dose date- 5/26/21    9am-12pm

    Douglass High School          5/6/21   10am                                2nd dose date- 5/27/21   10am

    CORE                                      5/6/21   9 am                                 2nd dose date 5/27/21      9 am

    Hickman High School          5/7/21   9am-12pm                        2nd dose date- 5/28/21     9am-12pm


    Students will need a permission slip signed by a parent/guardian in order to receive the vaccine.