Black History Month: Celebrating Those Who Came Before Us

  • Clara Miles 

    Clara Miles

    Clara Miles helped lead the way to end segregation in Columbia.  At a time when housing opportunities were limited for African Americans, Mrs. Miles' work helped establish Columbia's Fair Housing Ordinance.  This led to the establishment of the Miles Manor subdivision in 1959. A marker on the African American Heritage Trail commemorating her work and that of the ten families that built the subdivision was dedicated on June 24, 2021.   

     "It was a significant achievement at that point in time, back in the '50s, to get the middle-class neighborhood up and running because of local discrimination, red lining laws and non-support from banks and financial institutions."  James Whitt, Chair of the African American Heritage Trail Committee.  (African American Heritage Trail Committee)


    In honor of Clara Miles (Video:  City of Columbia Channel)

    African-American Heritage Trail (REDI)


  • Source:  African American Heritage Trail Committee