• Vision Statement:

    All can learn. All can Achieve. All can SHINE!


    Mission Statement:

    The New Haven community will meet the developmental needs of the whole child by ensuring academic achievement by all students, collaborating with and welcoming families, and creating a positive and inclusive learning environment. 


    We will develop Academic Achievement by:

    • Differentiating instruction in small groups with every student daily

    • Providing academic extracurricular opportunities for all students

    • Meeting regularly to collaborate around lesson planning and student data

    • Helping students set high and attainable goals and reflect upon their progress

    • Utilize SRG to ensure targeted instruction centered around the standards

    We will collaborate with and welcome families by:

    • Welcoming families and community members into our school for special events and celebrations

    • Fostering partnerships with a variety of local organizations

    • Utilizing our HSC and community resources to support the whole family

    We will create a positive and inclusive learning environment by:

    • Fostering independence and a growth mindset by encouraging problem solving 

    • Celebrating individual students, classes and faculty for accomplishments and positive choices 

    • Promoting unity by participating in school-wide community-building activities 

    • Participate in equity training throughout the year to grow as a practitioner and provide an equitable environment for all