• CPS 150 Logo Transparent Background with the words celebrating 150 years and the CPS Logo

    Thank you for helping us promote the 150th anniversary of Columbia Public Schools! For a century and a half, Columbia Public Schools educated children. During that time, the number of students has grown from a little more than 300 to more than 18,500 – making it the 5th largest school district in Missouri. 

    We have also put together an overview and provided general guidelines for images and language surrounding this event, including details on the anniversary logo usage, email signature specifications, and fill-in-the-blank templates for Twitter, Facebook, and your school website.

    Quick Guide

    • While continuing to grow, and with the support of our community, Columbia Public Schools has maintained its tradition of excellence and dedication to achievement, enrichment and opportunity for all of our scholars.
    • The hashtag for sharing is #CPSBest150.
    • The anniversary will be celebrated from August 2022 through May 2023. The District was officially organized on January 7, 1873. At the January 2023, board meeting the board members will officially recognize the 150th anniversary of CPS.

    Anniversary Logo Usage

    In celebration of this historic year for Columbia Public Schools, a unique set of logos is available for use in anniversary-related communications through May 2023. The anniversary logo consists of the CPS Badge and Celebrating 150 years extension. 

    Specifications and guidelines

    These temporary, limited-use logos were created to align with our visual identity and provide a consistent method of recognizing this important milestone when sharing stories or promoting events that coincide with our anniversary during the 2022-23 school year.

    • Use the anniversary logo in a layout as you would the CPS Block Logo.
    • Use on merchandise or apparel that may be distributed at anniversary-related events. For shirts, the logo may be placed on the left arm sleeve or the left pocket area.


    Do not add department or building information to the anniversary logo. The extension “celebrating 150 years” directly relates to Columbia Public Schools as a whole and should not be used in a manner that would be confused with an individual department or building.

    Don’t apply to materials that could extend beyond the 2022-23 school year, such as stationery, signs, et cetera, and other items with longer shelf lives to avoid waste.

    Don't develop additional tagline or messages. Taglines should never be used in association with the commemoration of this anniversary.

    Color usage

    Three-color versions of the anniversary logo should be used in most applications to leverage brand colors and create contrast between the block CPS logo and the celebrating 150 years extension.

    Clear space

    The CPS anniversary logo requires separation from the other elements around it. The minimum space required on all sides is roughly equivalent to the lowercase cap height of the logotype. The badges should also have adequate clear space roughly equivalent to the text area width. For more information see page 5 of the logo usage guidelines. Questions? Contact Aurora Meyer at ameyer@cpsk12.org

    Minimum size

    To ensure legibility, the anniversary logo must not appear smaller than the following dimensions.

    • Print: 1.5 inches wide
    • Digital: 150 pixels wide
    • Limited imprint area: 1 inches wide

    Sample Social Media Ideas

    • Old yearbook photos
    • Side-by-side comparison of your school’s building then and now
    • Milestone events at your school
    • The first graduating class
    • Sports then and now
    • Recess then and now
    • Lunch then and now
    • Classes then and now


    You can use the anniversary logo in place of your CPS badge logo in your email signature line. To assist in creating an institutional signature and provide consistency, we have created general guidelines for email signatures.


    • Pronouns of reference are encouraged and if used should be listed on the same line as your name so the relationship to you as an individual is clear.
    • Keep the order of your signature information (title, address, etc.) uniform with these recommendations so recipients can easily find contact details when communicating with you.


    • The entire signature is set in the font Arial, 10pt, in the color black.
    • For emphasis, the name line and the web address can be bolded.
    • Set alt text for the CPS anniversary logo by right-clicking on the inserted logo and selecting “edit alt text.” Set the alt text to read “Columbia Public School 150th Anniversary logo.” If you are using your school logo, set the alt text for your school logo by following the same directions.
    • School URLs can replace the cpsk12.org hyperlink.

    You can copy and paste the following template into the signature field of Microsoft Outlook. Confirm your font is set to Calibri 10pt. and modify the content to include your personal information.


    CPS150 Email Signature ImageJane Doe (she/her/hers)
    Working Title, Unit Name
    School or CPS Aslin Building Address
    Office: 573-XXX-XXXX cpsk12.org


    Want to do more?

    We will be launching a CPS150 section of the new website and will be collecting 150 facts for 150 Years, old photographs for a historical photo archive, opportunities to share how you or your school are celebrating 150 years in CPS, and a way to share your CPS memories. If you would like to contribute to any of these, please email ameyer@cpsk12.org with the subject line CPS150.