• Annual Registration for CPS Families

    Columbia Public Schools has begun preparations for the 2023-2024 school year. Annually, parents/guardians must complete registration and information updates for currently enrolled students.

    Completing this process is required for families so they may access K-12 schedules prior to the start of the school year and to opt-in for bus transportation.  The bus transportation opt-in must be completed by August 8 in order to have bus transportation on the first day of school. If you previously completed the early opt-in form, please confirm your selection and provide any additional required information. 

    In the CPS Families Portal , you will have access to the following:

    1. Instructions for Completion
    2. Once you have completed all the tasks required, your student’s schedule will be available at 5 p.m. on August 14, 2023.)

      After your student's school has reviewed the registration information, you will be contacted if additional information is needed.

    Need help getting started?

    • If you forgot your password and have logged into the Families Portal previously, please reset your password.   
      • Note: You must have already logged in on a computer and set your security questions for this link/process to work. If you receive an error attempting this option, please contact the CPS Helpdesk for assistance (contact info below). 

    If using a computer:

    • If this is your first time using the CPS Families Portal on a computer, you will be prompted to create some security questions so that the “Help, I forgot my password” link will work.
    • Install the Classlink Browser Extension when prompted. It’s completely safe and necessary for a seamless experience while using the CPS Families Portal. It assures you only have to remember 1 set of login credentials to access all guardian applications.
    • Instructions for using the Families Portal on a computer and initial setup

    If using a mobile device (phone, iPad, etc.):

    Annual Registration for CPS Families

    Steps for families accessing the Annual Registration system back-to-school verification of contact information, entering emergency contact information, required acknowledgments and agreements, bus transportation opt-in, health information, and school lunch status for their school-age children. If you do not have access to the portal, please contact your child’s school for assistance.


  • CPS Families Portal

    Step 1: Log In

    Log into the CPS Families Portal

    If you are having difficulty logging in, consider viewing ‘Portal Login Help’ as shown on the menu below.

  • Campus Parent Icon

    Campus Parent

    To begin, locate and select the "Campus Parent" icon by clicking on it.

  • Log into Campus Parent

    Step 2: Log in

    Log into Campus Parent by entering your "Parent Username" and "Password."

  • Columbia Public Schools Infinite Campus Portal More

    Step 3: Navigation

    To begin, click on the three bars in the top left corner to open the menu.


    Step 4: Select More

    Next, scroll down to the bottom of the list and choose "More" from the available options.

  • Select Annual Registration

    Step 5: Select Annual Registration

    Choose "Annual Registration" from the available options.

  • Select Start

    Step 6: Select Start

    On the 2023-2024 Existing Student Registration line, select "Start."

  • Select Begin Registration

    Step 7: Begin Registration

    Select the blue "Begin Registration" button.

  • Verify your identity and information

    Step 9: Verify Your Identity and Information

    Verify the information is accurate for each ‘folder’ of the form:

    • Household
    • Parent/Legal Guardian
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Student

    Step 10: Complete Each Section

    After verifying the correct information within each folder, click the "Next" button.

    Step 11: Save and Continue 

    To move to the following ‘folder’ click the "Save/Continue" button.

  • Submit

    Step 12: Submit

    Once you’ve finished reviewing and updating each section in each folder, click the red "Submit" button.


    Step 13: Submission 

    You will receive a confirmation email when you submit your registration form. If you need to make changes after you have submitted your completed annual registration information, please contact your student's school.

  • For questions regarding the Annual Online Registration Process, please contact your student’s school

    For technical assistance accessing the CPS Families Portal, please contact the CPS Helpdesk at 573-214-3333 (M-F 7am-5pm).