• Welcome to a New School Year!

    Columbia Public Schools has begun preparations for the 2022-2023 school year. Annually, parents/guardians must complete registration and information updates for currently enrolled students.

    Completing this process is required for families so they may access K-12 schedules prior to the start of the school year and to opt-in if they need bus transportation. 

    In the CPS Families Portal https://launchpad.classlink.com/cpsfamilies in the K-12 Back 2 School tab, you will have access to:

    1. Instructions for Completion
    2. Guardian Acknowledgements
    3. School Registration Update (includes Bus Opt-In due August 8th)
    4. Registration Progress
    5. 2022-23 View Schedule (Once you have completed all the tasks required, your student’s secondary schedule will be available the evening of August 15, 2022.)

      After your student's school has reviewed the registration information, you will be contacted if additional information is needed.

    Need help getting started?

    • If you need your CPS Families Portal Username:
      • If you don’t remember your CPS Families Portal Username then click here:  www.cpsk12.org/familyupdate.
      • You should have received a reminder email containing your Guardian ID (username) and a separate email with information regarding your password on July 20, 2022.
    • If you forgot your password and have logged into the Families Portal previously then click here:  https://launchpad.classlink.com/resetpassword?scode=CPSFamilies  
      NOTE:  You will need to have already logged in previously on a computer and set your security questions in order for this link/process to work. If you receive an error attempting this option please contact the CPS Helpdesk for assistance (contact info below).

    If using a computer:

    • If this is your first time using the CPS Families Portal on a computer, you will be prompted to create some security questions so that the “Help, I forgot my password” link will work.
    • Install the Classlink Browser Extension when prompted. It’s completely safe and necessary for a seamless experience while using the CPS Families Portal. It assures you only have to remember 1 set of login credentials to access all guardian applications.
    • Instructions for using the Families Portal on a computer and initial setup

    If using a mobile device (phone, iPad, etc.):

    For questions regarding the annual Online Registration Process, please contact your student’s school or the District Registrar at 573-214-3414.

    For technical assistance accessing the CPS Families Portal, please contact the CPS Helpdesk at 573-214-3333 (M-F 7am-5pm). 

    K-12 Back 2 School Portal Registration Instructions

    Families Portal: K-12 Back 2 School Registration Instructions

    Before you begin, if you have had a change of address, you will need proof of residency. Proof of residency can be a:

    • current utility bill showing your address
    • contract of a home purchase, a real estate lease or notarized letter from the owner of the residence along with the current utility bill or lease

    Complete “2 - Acknowledgments K-12” and “3 - Registration Update K-12”. You can view your progress at any time by selecting “4 - Registration Process K-12”. Once all steps are completed “5 - View Schedule K-12” will be available at the end of the day on August 15. All student schedules will be available in the portal through icon “5 - View Schedule” the evening of August 15.

    NOTE: You may be asked by your web browser to install a “ClassLink Browser Extension”; please do so. The extension is safe to use and allows the CPS Families Portal to automatically log you into CPS digital resources. Safari users on macOS devices will likely need to grant permissions to the ClassLink extension.

    “1 – Instructions K-12”

    “2 - Acknowledgments K-12”, read and acknowledge each section. Click 'Next' at the bottom of the screen to advance to the next section. Click submit to complete the process. (In this section, you will let CPS know if your student needs a school bus. This must be done by August 8 to ensure your student has a bus for the first day of school.)

    “3 - Registration Update K-12”, please click on the “Update Registration” tab, then click on “New” to update your student’s registration. Please confirm all required fields are accurate and click “I Agree” at the end of the application to submit. All student address changes require an uploaded digital image of your current lease or utility (gas/electric/water) bill in the ‘Documents’ section of the form.  NOTE: For families with split households, this section will only be available to the guardian who resides at the address used for enrollment with CPS.

    “4 - Registration Process K-12”, Check the progress of your registration to be sure you are not missing information. If the dot is green, then all forms are submitted. Your schedule will be available in the CPS Families Portal the evening of August 15. If a dot is yellow, the form is started but not completed and submitted. If a dot is red, you have not started the process.

    “5 - View Schedule K-12”, click the PDF document to see your student schedule on the evening of August 15.

    Guardians will use their CPS issued ID/password to access the acknowledgment pages. You must be flagged as the student’s Guardian in our student information system to see your student’s information.


    K-12 Back 2 School