• SAFEiPads and Technology Expectations and Policies

    • Keep my technology to myself – no sharing allowed, keep iPad away from others.

    • Notify adults of inappropriate content or iPad issues.

    • Grip devices securely with both hands; no swinging or tossing iPad around, including when it’s in a bag.

    • Handle electronics and chargers gently.

    • Place the iPad only on a desk or table; never lay it flat on the floor.

    • Keep iPads away from unsafe situations. (sports etc)

    • Keep iPads in secure locations.



    • During the school day, from 7:25 - 2:35, only use iPad as the teacher directs.

    • Follow directions from all adults the first time asked

    • Keep the volume off on your device or use your earbuds

    • Keep Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on while at school

    • Use charging stations appropriately; gently handle cords, blocks, and other iPads.

    • Get permission before taking or sharing pics/videos of people

    • Do not take pictures or videos of people without clothes.



    • Bring an iPad fully charged (%100) every day to every class

    • Charge your iPad every night; don’t wait for it to get low

    • Wait for permission to access and use electronics

    • Stay on task when using the internet, and end electronic usage on time

    • Always keep the iPad case on the iPad

    • Look only at school-appropriate content

    • Bring earbuds every day

    • TURN OFF cell phones, smartwatches, and AirPods during school hours – no usage in the hallway, restroom, cafeteria, or classroom





    • Keep my technology to myself
    • Notify adults of inappropriate content or iPad issues
    • Grip devices with both hands
    • Handle electronics gently
    • Place iPads only on tables or desks


    • Follow directions from all adults the first time asked
    • Use the iPad as the teacher directs
    • Keep the volume on your device off, or use your earbuds
    • Keep Bluetooth turned on while at school
    • Use charging station (cords, blocks, other iPads) appropriately


    • Wait for permission to access and use electronics
    • Bring your iPad fully charged every day
    • Stay on task when using the internet
    • End my electronics usage on time
    • Keep the iPad case on your iPad at all times
    • Look only at school-appropriate content
    • Bring earbuds every day
    • Turn off cell phones, smartwatches, and airpods during school hours.




    • Charge your iPad every night, whether it needs it or not.

    • Leave the “Property of Lange” sticker on your charger.

    • Use Sharpie to write your name or initials on the charger.

    • Return the charging cord and block (labeled “Property of Lange”) along with your iPad in May or sooner if you move to a new school.

    • If your charger is not working, bring it to the media center.


    • Take your charger home and leave it there – no traveling to places with you.

    • DON’T bring a charger to school; leave your school charger at home for safekeeping.

    • DON’T let friends or family borrow or use your school charger.

    • Need to charge iPad while at school? Use the classroom charging stations or bring it to the media center.



    • Always keep the case on your school iPad

    • Naked iPads will be confiscated!

    • If you need to clean the case, put it back on immediately after cleaning

    • Do not remove your printed name-label or the barcode label

    • Cases can be personalized with STICKERS on the plastic, but nothing permanent

    • Keep your case in good condition

    • Don’t use the kickstand as a handle – it will break off

    • Leave the shield on the case; it protects you from broken glass

    • Replacement case = $20



    What happens if my iPad gets broken, lost, or stolen?

    • 1ST  repair for accidental damage = $0 charge 

    • 2ND repair for accidental damage = $25 charge

    • 3RD repair for accidental damage  = $50 charge

    • 4TH repair for accidental damage = $424 charge

    ** Repair policy applies to current school year **

    •  Lost iPad =  $50 charge

    •  Stolen iPad = No charge, with police report

    • Intentional iPad damage or misuse = $25 / $50 / $424 fine  as decided by school administrator


    What happens if my school charger gets broken, lost, or stolen? Or what if I need a new iPad case?

    • School provides only ONE charger and one case for all 3 years of middle school

    • Replacement items can be purchased from the media center

      • USBC charging cord = $10

      • USBC charger block = $10

      • iPad Case = $20



    What if my iPad is missing?

      • Retrace your steps FIRST; if still not found, have teacher call the media center for a ping

      • When iPad is located, media center will let you know where it is

      • If your iPad is still saying Lost iPad, get a pass and bring it to the media center to be unlocked

    • Media Center must be notified within 24 hours of iPad going missing, so we can ping its location


    What if something is not working on my iPad? Try these steps:

    1. Try a different username, it should be either:    

    29abc01      OR it could be:      29abc01@stucpsk12.org

    1. Close all apps, check that wifi is privatecps, and try again

    2. Toggle the wifi off/on – make sure it connects to privatecps

    3. Power it off all the way to the Apple, and then power it back on

    4. Check the iOS – if an update is available, install it

    5. Still not working? Get a pass and bring your iPad to the media center for help.



    Why do wifi and Bluetooth need to be left on ALL the time?

      • Having wifi turned on and connected to privatecps is crucial for all learning tasks that are done on iPads.

      • Having wifi turned on is crucial for pinging iPads – we can’t help you locate a missing iPad if wifi is turned off.

      • Having wifi on and cellular data enabled is required 24/7, no matter where you are.

      • Having Bluetooth turned on is required while you are at school.


    Uh oh, my iPad is low because I forgot to charge it last night!

    • Should I turn off Bluetooth or wifi or use Airplane mode to make the charge last longer?

      • NO!!! That will not make a difference, and there is wifi in every classroom.

      • You can disconnect your Bluetooth earbuds instead of turning Bluetooth off; this might save a bit of charge, but not very much.

    • If your iPad is low, get permission to use a classroom charging station.

    • Or get a pass to the media center, and they will charge your iPad.


    What if I’m going on an airplane and I have to use Airplane mode, which turns off the wifi and cellular data?

    • Going on an airplane is the ONLY time that you are allowed to use Airplane mode.

    • However, taking your school iPad with you on vacation is not recommended!

    • Leave your school iPad at home while traveling and take your electronics with you.



    Scholars must allow teachers to manage school iPads with Apple Classroom

    • Apple Classroom must be set to allow teacher to “Always” view your screen

    • Bluetooth must be on at all times while at school

    • Wifi must be on and connected to privatecps network while at school

    • Wifi keeps connecting to guestcps? 

      • Tap guestcps in Settings > Wifi and select Forget this Network

      • Still connecting to guestcps? Get a pass to the media center for help



    What should you do with your iPad while you are at home?

    • Charge your iPad every night using your school charger

    • Keep your school iPad safely away from family members, rough play, pets, food, and liquids

    • Use your iPad to do your homework


    What should you NOT do with your iPad while at home?

    • Do not seek out internet content that is non-school appropriate

      • NOTHING related to sex, drugs, weapons, violence, illegal activity, etc.

    • Do not allow others to use your iPad – siblings, cousins, friends, or family are not allowed to use it for any reason

    • Do not treat your iPad like a toy 

    • Do not stay up past your bedtime playing on your iPad

    • Do not take iPad to other people’s houses


    Always remember that taking your school iPad home is a privilege that can be lost. Reasons for loss-of-privilege include:

    • Not bringing iPad to school every day

    • Not charging iPad to %100 every night

    • Inappropriate usage of internet, camera, email, or zoom

    • Not following your household’s rules for using iPad at home

    • Parent/guardian requesting that iPad stay at school

    • Other reasons as determined by teachers and school administrators



    If you have any questions, please talk to your teacher, media specialist, or principal.