• SMS Extracurricular Activities

    Extracurricular activities provide opportunities for leadership and personal development by allowing students to participate in activities outside of the school day. Students can participate in athletics and clubs at SMS. 

    If you are staying after school and need to ride the Activity Bus, make sure to:

    1. Fill out the Activity Bus Sign-Up Form

    2. Complete the Google Form for the day you would like to ride the bus.


    Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

  • Clubs 2022-23

    Art Club

    For students who are interested in the visual arts and enjoy developing their creativity. We will work on a variety of art projects throughout the year, including projects for the school, areas of personal interest, and art medium exploration.

    Dates and Times: 1st Monday of the month

    Starts: November 6th

    Location: RM 165

    Sponsor(s): Ms. McElroy

    Archery Club

    Students interested in the sport of Archery. Club meets on Sundays in the Gym

    Dates and Times: Sundays at 1PM

    Starts: Oct 1st

    Location: Gym

    Sponsor(s):    Smithton Archery

    Board Game Club  

    For students who are interested in playing and learning about strategy games like Settlers of Catan or Dungeons & Dragons.  Also for students interested in playing Chess.

    Dates and Times:   2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month  

    Starts:    September 27th 

    Location:    Media Center  

    Sponsor(s):   Mr. Hoover  

    Builders Club

    Builders club is a service club. We do volunteer work for our school and community. We have a monthly meeting at school where you receive information regarding our monthly community project. Some examples of our projects include: Hinkson Creek Clean Up, Working the kids area at the Heritage Festival and Ringing Bells for Salvation Army.

    Dates and Times: 1st Monday of the Month

    Starts: October 9

    Location:: RM 168

    Sponsor(s)::    Ms. CampbellMs. Sipe

    6th Grade Band

    Mandatory for all students in 6th grade band.

    Dates and Times: Every Monday


    Location: Band Room

    Sponsor(s):    Ms. Collins

    Jazz Band

    For all students interested in playing in a jazz band

    Dates and Times: 


    Location: RM 97

    Sponsor(s):    Mr. Moorman

    6th Grade Choir

    For 6th Grade students interested in learning fun songs, playing games, listening to music and having fun

    Dates and Times: Every Tuesday


    Location: Choir Room

    Sponsor(s):    Ms. Elsea

    Kindness Club

    The Kindness Club is a student leadership organization that promotes kindness and compassion through service projects within the school, the district, and the community.

    Dates and Times: 



    Sponsor(s):    Ms. Anderson

    Maker's Club

    For students who are interested in learning to use different materials and techniques to make things and exercising those creative skills. Space is limited, so please SIGN-UP

    Dates and Times:    Mondays (except 1st Monday of the month)

    Starts:    October 9th

    Location:    RM 140

    Sponsor(s):    Mr. Hoover

    Math Club

       For students who are interested in competitive mathematics. Students will enhance their math skills in a fun and interactive manner as they compete against other teams.

    Dates and Times:    Schedule

    Starts:    October 19th 

    Location:    RM 115

    Sponsor(s):    Ms Winter

    SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance) Club

    This is SMS’s student-led GSA group, providing a safe, supportive environment for ALL who are interested in current and historical LGBTQ+ topics. SAGA members participate in various social, educational, and community activities as a group with help from the GLSEN organization’s research-based materials to help us promote inclusivity and respect in our school, communities, and interactions with others.

    Dates and Times: 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the Month


    Location: RM 205

    Sponsor(s):    Ms AndersonMr. Harker

    Quiz Bowl

    Attention all trivia buffs, brainiacs, and game show fanatics, Quiz Bowl is a trivia-based team made up of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders that competes throughout the school year.  Our practices consist of learning the rules of quiz bowl, practicing questions, and expanding our knowledge.  Did I mention, we have buzzers and snacks!  If you are interested in checking out this amazing team, please fill out the Google Form in your email.  Remember to sign-up for the activity bus or plan a ride. 

    Dates and Times: 

    Starts: October 10

    Location: RM 108

    Sponsor(s):    Ms Long

    Science Olympiad

       Science Olympiad is an academic competition where teams of 15 students compete against other teams in various science challenges in our region, and hopefully our state.

    Dates and Times:


    Location: RM 116

    Sponsor(s):    Mr. Gilliam

    Speech & Debate Club

     Learn and practice the art of Speech and debate and compete against other students.

    Dates and Times: 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month after school

    Starts: September 28th

    Location: RM 96

    Sponsor(s):   Ms. Dotson

     Theater Club

     Are you dramatic? Do you love to perform in front of others or would you like to be better at it? Then Theater Club is for you!

    Dates and Times: 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month after school

    Starts: January 11

    Location: RM 96

    Sponsor(s):   Ms. Dotson