• Scholar Schedules with Infinite Campus

    There is a report available in Campus Student and Campus Parent that lets you view scholars' schedules in one place. If the scholar is taking courses in multiple Columbia Public Schools buildings, you will find directions for multiple campuses at the bottom of this page.  


  • The Home screen displays all of a parent's students and summarizes information needing the parent's attention.

    Log In

    To access a schedule, sign in to Campus Student or Campus Parent using your usual Columbia Public Schools login credentials. Unfold the menu at the upper left corner by clicking on the three horizontal lines.

  • Campus Parent Calendar


    Select "Schedule."

    If your scholar is registered in multiple buildings, each building's schedule will be displayed separately. Utilize the dropdown menu located under "Enrollment" to switch between buildings within this view.

  • Print or View Schedules

    For printing or viewing schedules that encompass multiple buildings (such as Rock Bridge and Career Center or Hickman and Columbia Public Schools Online), it is advisable to utilize a computer rather than a mobile device

  • View Schedule on Campus Student or Campus Parent

    How to Find Student Reports

    Access the menu at the upper left corner by selecting the three horizontal lines.

    Proceed to "More" and make that selection.

  • Then choose "Student Reports.

    Student Reports

    Then choose "Student Reports."

  • In the Select Student dropdown box select the name of the student and their primary enrollment building.

    Select student, a Report, a Student Schedule

    From the dropdown menu labeled "Select student," choose the scholar's name and their main enrollment building. Please be aware that you might come across additional buildings linked to your scholar, even if they are not taking courses there (such as Columbia Public Schools Online or Career Center).

    In the "Select a Report" dropdown box, select "Student Schedule."

  • Generate Report

    Generate Report

    Next, select "Generate Report."

    This report will produce a copy of the scholar’s schedule that includes all courses they are taking, even if they are enrolled in courses in multiple CPS buildings. If using a mobile device, this will download a PDF to your phone that will then have to be found and then opened.