• Become a Mentor to Our Scholars

    Columbia Public Schools has partnered with various community organizations to establish an effortless method for individuals to become mentors to scholars within the school system, offering crucial support and a sense of belonging. Research highlights the substantial positive effects of quality mentoring relationships on young individuals in personal, academic, and professional aspects. Mentoring fosters personal growth, development, and access to opportunities, counteracting that one in three young people lack this vital resource. Embracing a mentorship role can transform both the student's and mentor's lives, with its profound and diverse impact evident in inspiring stories of growth and connection.

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  • Become a CPS Mentor

    Checklist to Become a Columbia Public Schools Mentor: 

    1. REACH OUT to the teacher, building principal, or Community Relations Office to express your interest.

    2. SELECT A SCHOOL-BASED MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: With the guidance of a teacher, school principal, or program coordinator, determine your availability and best program fit.

    3. SCHOOL-BASED MENTORS: A background check is required for all mentors volunteering in positions where they may be periodically left alone with students or have access to student records. 
    4. PREPARE: Initiate the online background check process through the CPS HR Department website:
      Volunteer Background Check: Non-Employee Registration.  Once you receive approval, prepare to make a positive impact!

    5. MEET with the Community Relations Office to plan activities and identify student achievement goals you will address.

    6. REPORT annually the following to the Community Relations Department:
      • Contact information of business mentors and school staff completing the report
      • Mentorship mission to improve students' performance
      • Mentorship school year goals
      • A brief description of each activity
      • The identification of achievement goals

    7. REPORT public relations information to the Community Relations office to be promoted by local media, school news, and Partners in Education.